Wireless Network


We offer wireless network access in limited zones at this time but are constantly expanding the network coverage.

At this time we are installing customers in East Babson Park, Tiger Creek Forrest and Walk-n-Water road areas, with Indian lake Estates coming soon.

1. NO DATA LIMITS!  – With the others you are limited per month on how much you can surf, watch and download then they get you with high fees and extra charges.

2. NO CONTRACTS! – We keep it simple, a one time cost for equipment and install, then a simple monthly bill. That’s it, no tricks!

3. OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT – Small, lightweight outdoor antennas to receive our wireless signal. How small? Most as small as a soda can but on rare instances as large a regular dinner plate, all depending on location and signal quality.

4. INDOOR EQUIPMENT – A router. Yours or ours, it does not matter.

That’s it.


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