Managed Services


Highlander Data Service is proud to announce the launch of the only “Managed IT Service” in the area for both SMB’s (Small, Medium Business’s) and residential customers.

We understand the complexity of computer systems/networks and how important they are in today’s technology driven world, but many owners are mystified by the issues and problems that are inevitable.

The need for an Information Technology expert is essential for everyone yet the costs associated with a full time I.T. person is far beyond any reasonable expectation.

To meet this critical need we have launched “Highlander Data Managed Services”.

What you will get is a 100% cloud based monitoring platform that will serve as your own virtual I.T. Technician that monitors your desktops, laptops, servers and even smart phones 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Our proprietary system will provide you with the latest up to date Antivirus protection that is updated a minimum of every 4 hours a day, malicious website blocking and, in the case something does go wrong, a cloud based backup of your critical data. ***

Our “Web Protection” keeps your system and children safe while online, blocking malicious sites and acts as a security guard at your door to the internet. ***

With our network monitoring we will be able to trouble shoot issues and help you with your network efficiency.

For your smartphones, we offer enterprise level device management with remote wipe, password resets and location services.

In the situations when you need help, a quick phone call will enable remote support for issues at a steep discount from our normal service rates.

Nowhere else will you find the features, convenience and peace of mind our managed services offer for such a small investment.

While the big guys pay 10’s of thousands per year for this type of service we are able to offer our customized software package for $29.00 per month per device, with discounts for multiple devices.

For less than a cup of morning coffee we will run complete system checks every day of the year and monitor your systems for health issues. What price is that peace of mind worth?

Contact us today to for more details.



*** While we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep systems safe and protected, nothing is 100% effective. The most robust and secure systems can fall victim to any number of scams, phishing attempts or malware. Keeping a current backup and all security updates is only the first step in maintaining a healthy computer system.

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