High Speed Internet


High Speed Internet for rural areas. Coming SOON.

Do you live in the rural areas where technology has left you behind? The big guys like Brighthouse, Comcast and Verizon have no desire to provide service to these area’s due to the lack of a high return on the investment they would make in expanding their current infrastructure to supply high speed data to those areas.

Areas like :

  • Walk-in-water road and Saddlebag portions of Brighthouse.
  • The Lake Rosalie/Walk-in Water area of Comcast.
  • Babson Park

Well, the solution is coming soon and it will be much cheaper than a Cell providers “hot spot” or one of the big satellite providers.

We are planning on unlimited highspeed access with speeds of up to 10mb download and no monthly limits!

If you have the need and would like to be one of the first to get online please fill out the form below. Once we have all systems up and running, we will begin contacting folks to begin the install process. No obligation!

As ALWAYS, we DO NOT share your info with anyone for any reason.

Once submitted, the form will vanish.

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